Our Story

It must have been somewhere in 2010, when George, Mircea and I were at a client's site upgrading a flexo press. We finished our work and we were about to leave. Since we were pretty good with electronics, the production manager insisted we take a look at their defective web viewer. They just paid for an irrelevant replacement part and it was still not working. We quickly inspected the unit and told them the bad news: the main board was dead. Nothing short of voodoo ritual could save the web viewer and voodooists are rare here. Operator was exasperated and the owner furious: "Why don't you guys make better one ? I would buy it." That's when we started noticing other clients with similar issues. The seed was planted.

In 2014, lawyers meetings were had, hands were shaken and miip was founded with the goal on focusing on our own industrial products. Today, we are the biggest Canadian manufacturer of web inspection tools for the printing and converting industry.

We take great pride in our work and we do our best to provide the best products and service to our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide printing and packaging clients with high-quality, reliable and innovative web inspection tools.

The founders

George Gal, M.Eng. Electrical, McGill 2012, president.

Analog design and electronics expert responsible of the production.
Co-founded a consulting company specializing in electronic design in 2010 while working on his master thesis.
Loves riding his motorcycle.

Mircea Gal, ANMB 1980, vice president.

Electro-mechanical guru in charge of research and development.
Worked 11 years at Aquaflex and founded Galmares Solutions in 2002 providing flexo printers with consulting services.
Enjoys smoking cigars and spend time in his shop.

Alex Gal, B.Sc. Computer Science, McGill 2006, vice president.

Software wizard mostly doing business development nowadays.
Started his career working in investment banking but later joined smaller businesses to make a difference.
Takes joy beekeeping the weekend.

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